Password dialog


inpp password [text] [caption] [flags] [hwndowner]



int inpp(password [text] [caption] [flags] [hwndowner])



password - user must enter this password. Can be encrypted (in Options -> Security, use "inpp" as function name).

text - text above password field. Default: "" ("Password:"). Supports links.

caption - dialog box title. Default: "" ("QM - Password").


1 password is case insensitive.

hwndowner (QM 2.2.1) - owner window handle. The dialog box will be on top of the owner window. The owner window, if belongs to the same thread, will be disabled.



Shows password input dialog box. If entered password is incorrect, or pressed Cancel, ends macro.


If used as function (syntax2), does not end macro, but returns 1 if password is correct, or 0 if not.


Tips: You can also encrypt macro in Options -> Security.



 Ask for password, and end macro if entered password is not "55hH7pKJ":
inpp "55hH7pKJ"

 Ask for password, and throw error if entered password is not "bnfg" (in code it is encrypted):
if(!inpp("[*E12073E7509E09F804*]" "" "" 1)) end "password incorrect"