Shared memory

This function removed in QM 2.3.4. Instead use __ProcessMemory class. If you have code from QM forum with this function, look here for new version.


Not available in exe.



int* share([window])



window - top-level or child window that belongs to the application with which will be used shared memory.



If you try to use SendMessage function to get or set data in other application (other than QM) using pointer or string, in most cases it will not work, and may crash the application or damage its data. It is because the pointer is in address space of QM, and is invalid in address space of other application. The solution is to use shared memory.


QM provides 1 KB of shared memory that macros can use. Function share returns its address. It returns different value for each application (although physical memory is the same, but applications use different address to access it). Call share twice: Call it without window argument to get shared memory address in QM context. Call it with window argument to get shared memory address in context of the application to which belongs the window. Use the first address (possibly with some offset) to get and/or set data. Pass the second address (possibly with some offset) to that application (usually as lParam of SendMessage).


Always use lock _share when using shared memory. It prevents using shared memory by multiple simultaneously running threads. See examples. Read about lock.



 Pass address of a variable of a user-defined type
lock _share
VARIABLETYPE* variable=+share
memset(variable 0 sizeof(VARIABLETYPE))
SendMessage(hwnd message wparam share(hwnd))
out variable.member1
lock- _share

 Set status bar text
int hwnd=child("" "msctls_statusbar32" "Notepad" 0x1)
str text="text from QM"
lock _share
strcpy(+share text)
SendMessage(hwnd SB_SETTEXT 0 share(hwnd))
lock- _share

 Get toolbar button text
int hwnd=child("Notification Area" "ToolbarWindow32" "+Shell_TrayWnd" 0x1)
int buttonID=0
lock _share
SendMessage(hwnd TB_GETBUTTONTEXT buttonID share(hwnd))
str s.get(+share 0)
lock- _share
out s

 Get SysListView32 control item text
int hwnd=child("FolderView" "SysListView32" "My QM" 0x1)
int item=0
lock _share
LVITEM* lip=share ;;in QM context
LVITEM* lip2=share(hwnd) ;;in hlv context
memset(lip 0 sizeof(LVITEM))
int stringoffset=sizeof(LVITEM)+20
lip.pszText=+(lip2+stringoffset) ;;in hlv context
SendMessage(hwnd LVM_GETITEMTEXT item lip2)
str s.get(+lip stringoffset)
lock- _share
out s