Math functions from C run-time library

C run-time library (msvcrt.dll) contains many useful functions. You can find reference in MSDN library.


Several examples:


To calculate floating-point remainder, use function fmod.

Example: double rem=fmod(x y) .


To calculate x raised to the power of y, use function pow.

Example: double pw=pow(x y) .


To calculate x square root, use function sqrt.

Example: double sq=sqrt(x) .


Before using dll functions, they must be declared. For example, if function in MSDN library is given as:


double fmod(

double x,

double y



then QM declaration would be:

dll msvcrt ^fmod ^x ^y


QM declares several math functions from C run-time library. They are added to math category.



double angleDegrees=30

def PI 3.1415926535897932384626433832795

double s=sin(angleDegrees*PI/180) ;;converts degrees to radians and calculates sin
double a=asin(s)*180/PI ;;calculates arcsin and converts radians to degrees
out s
out a