An expression is something that has some value (variable, constant) or returns some value as result of function call (e.g., Func(a b)) or calculation with operators (e.g., a + b).


You can assign expressions to variables (variable = expression), return from functions (ret expression), use expressions as arguments of commands/functions, and as parts of other expressions. Expressions that contain operators and spaces must be enclosed in parentheses when passing to a function.




a = 10
b = a
s = "string"
a = b + (c * 5) - 1
def C5 (c * 5)
a = b + C5 - 1
a = Func(b c)
a = Func2(b 1.5 (c + 1) Func(d 10) s)
a = Func2(b 1.5 c+1 Func(d 10) s)
ret a + 10
out Func(a b)


Here a, b, c, d and s are variables; Func and Func2 are functions.