Wildcard characters

Wildcard characters can be used in some functions that compare strings, find files, windows, etc.


*  matches zero or more characters. For example, "c:\folder\*.txt" matches all text files in "c:\folder" folder.
?  matches any single character.


With most file functions that support it, wildcard characters can be used only in filename part. In Include/Exclude fields in menu properties, wildcards can be used in any place of file path.


See also: matchw



With Sqlite functions, in SQL you can use GLOB operator. It supports special characters *, ? and more.


* Matches any sequence of zero or more characters.
? Matches exactly one character.
[...] Matches one character from the enclosed list of characters.
[^...] Matches one character not in the enclosed list.


With the [...] and [^...] matching, a range of characters can be specified using -. Example: "[a-z]" matches any single lower-case letter. To match character -, make it the last character in the list. To match character ], make it the first after [ or ^. To match * or ?, put them in [].