Folder properties, file properties

Folder properties

To show the Folder Properties dialog, right click that folder in the list of macros and select menu item "Folder properties".


Description - text that is shown in the QM file viewer when importing or opening. Also, in tooltips (until first empty line).


Scope of triggers - one or several programs, with which work or not work triggers (keyboard, mouse and window) of all items in the folder and subfolders. Several program names must be separated with comma. Example: NOTEPAD,CALC .


Read-only - items in this folder and subfolders cannot be modified (text, properties, etc), deleted, renamed, inserted new items, etc.


Disabled items - all items in the folder and subfolders are disabled.


Private functions - functions from the folder and subfolders are not displayed in type-info popup lists, unless you are editing an item that is in parent folder or its subfolders, or use Ctrl+Shift+. . These functions still can be used everywhere. Also these functions and other items are hidden or gray in "Running items" pane and Threads dialog.


Application - obsolete.

This is obsolete and may be incompatible with some other QM features added later. Initially added to create separate scopes for variables, functions and some declarations. Now instead can be used classes, thread variables, sub-functions.


Adds these features:

1. Functions that are in this folder can be called only from functions that are in this folder.

2. The first (topmost) function always begins execution. It is like an application's main function.

3. Local variables declared in the main function can be used in other functions.

4. Type libraries and reference files declared in the main function can be used in other functions.


Note: Functions that are compiled at run time don't have these features. For example if a function is called using call with function's name as string.


Note: Don't call the main function recursively, because then its local variables are different every time, because of variable scope rules (local variables have higher priority). For example, it happens if the main function is a dialog procedure that also shows the dialog.


QM 2.4.1: Fixed bug: in class member functions the 3 feature did not work.


File properties

All properties are same as folder properties, but applied are only "Description", "Scope", "Read-only" and "Disabled items". Other properties are applied to imported folder when this file is imported into another file.