A macro is a list of commands, such as "type text", "run file", and other statements. Read Syntax and Help and type-info topics.


You can enter macro commands directly in the editor. You can also record keys and mouse events, or use dialogs from the code toolbar.


When you launch a macro, QM compiles and executes it. The tray icon indicates that a macro is running. Macro stops when last command was executed, or some command tells to do so, or when an error occurs. To stop a running macro manually, press the hotkey that is set in Options (default is Pause).


By default, only a single macro can run at a time. To run multiple threads simultaneously, set 'Run simultaneously' option, or use a function instead.


QM 2.4.2. Added option 'Run simultaneously'. In previous QM versions, to run simultaneously, would need to convert the macro to function. Now you can instead use this option in the Properties dialog. The macro will have some traits of functions: