QM key codes

These key codes can be used with key and some other functions, and in keyboard triggers (when entering directly in the toolbar).


A Alt   O Num Lock
B Back   P Page Up
C Ctrl   Q Page Down
D Down arrow   R Right arrow
E End   S Shift
F1-F24 F1-F24   T Tab
G Pause   U Up arrow
H Home   V Space
I Insert   W Win
J Scroll lock   X Delete
K Caps Lock   Y Enter
L Left arrow   Z Esc
M Context Menu      
N0-N9 Numpad 0 to 9   (44) Print Screen
N/-N. Numpad / * - + .      


For other keys use lowercase letters and other characters, except { } ( ) ; ".

You can also use virtual-key code enclosed in parentheses.