Windows keyboard shortcuts

Some useful Windows keyboard shortcuts:


Windows and documents

Wd show desktop
Wm minimize all
SWm undo minimize all
We, Wf, Wr, WF1, WG Explorer, Find, Run, Help, System
AT previous window
AZ next window
CT next document
CST previous document
CF4 close document
T, ST select input fields in a web page


Menus and dialog controls

A{} or F10 activate menu bar
M or SF10 context menu
Y OK button
Z Cancel button
T, CT, ST, CST select controls, tabs
L, R, U, D select group controls, list items, tabs
V, Y click selected control



Cx cut
Cc copy
Cv paste
Cz undo
Cy redo
Ca, CHCSE select all
SL, SR select left or right character
CSL, CSR select left or right word
SH, SE select left or right part of line


Use Alt + underlined letter to click menus, buttons, etc.


Tip: You can also use commands men and but to click menu items and buttons.