Create string from several string or binary parts of specified length


s.fromn(ptr len [ptr2 len2 ...])



s - str variable.

ptr - string, or pointer to binary data.

len - number of bytes to copy from ptr. If -1, the function finds ptr length (ptr must be null-terminated string).

... - more ptr/len pairs.



This function can be used to join several strings (full or of specified length) or/and binary data. Max number of ptr/len pairs is 16.


Although str variables can contain binary data, many str functions work only with null-terminated strings.


See also: str.format with %m.



str s1="123456789"
str s2="ABCDEFGHI"
str s.fromn(s1 4 " " 1 s2 -1) ;;4 bytes from s1, space and s2

 the same with format. If s1 is not binary data, can use s instead of m.
s.format("%.4m %s" s1 s2)
s.format("%.*m %s" 4 s1 s2)