A Quick Macros license costs $60. Upgrades are free.

Order at PayPal.

You will receive your Quick Macros registration code.

Recommended: try LibreAutomate C#. It supersedes Quick Macros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have ordered Quick Macros but did not receive a registration code.

A. If your order is processed, you can retrieve your registration code here. Or send email.

Q. I have lost my registration code.

A. You can retrieve your registration code here.

Q. I have ordered Quick Macros but it still does not work. How to register it?

A. Read here.

Q. Can I use Quick Macros on my 2 computers with single registration code? Or 1 at home and 1 at work?

A. Yes, if only you use these computers. Read Quick Macros license agreement. Here "you" means "you and your family". Don't give your registration code to others; shared codes will be disabled.

Q. Can I transfer my Quick Macros license to my new computer?

A. Yes. Use the same registration code. Quick Macros licenses are not bound to hardware.

Q. After I enter the registration code in Quick Macros, will my name be displayed somewhere?

A. Your name will be in the Registration dialog (Help menu). If purchased for a company, will be displayed company name and your name.

Q. If I order multiple licenses, will I receive multiple registration codes?

A. You will receive 1 registration code that includes the number of licenses. If you need multiple codes, either order multiple times, or send email with the list of names (when you already have your 1 code).

Q. Can we purchase a site license?

A. No.

Q. Support.

A. Quick Macros support.