Minimize, maximize, restore window

Syntax1 - set state

min [window]
max [window]
res [window]


Syntax2 - get state

int min([window])
int max([window])
int res([window])



window - top-level or child window. Default: active window.




Minimizes (min), maximizes (max) or restores (res) window.


res works like the 'Restore' item in the window's system menu. If the window is minimized, restores it to previous state (normal or maximized). If maximized, makes normal. If need to restore only if minimized, use if min (see example) or act (it restores if minimized).


The speed depends on spe.



Returns 1 if window is minimized (min), maximized (max) or normal (res). If not, returns 0.



min "Notepad" ;;minimize "Notepad" window

 restore "Notepad" window to previous state if it is minimized
int w=win("Notepad")
if(min(w)) res w