Compiler directives: #opt


#opt option value



option - one of words in the table below.

value - one of values (0 or 1) in the table:

option 1 or other nonzero 0
err On compile-time error continue. Skip statement with error. This option works not with all statements. Use it only where it has sense, like in the example below. On compile-time error stop.
nowarnings Don't display warnings. Display warnings.
dispatch Call COM functions through IDispatch.Invoke. Call COM functions through VTBL (if available).
hidedecl (QM 2.3.2) Hide declarations in popup lists. Don't hide declarations.



Sets an option that is used when compiling current macro/function.


Initially all options are 0.


Tip: Other ways to hide something: 1. If name begins with "__". 2. If the user-defined function is in a private folder. 3. If the class member function is private or protected.



#opt err 1
FunctionThatMayBeMissing(a b c)
#opt err 0

#opt nowarnings 1
mac FunctionThatReturnsIdOfFunctionToRun
#opt nowarnings 0

typelib Excel {00020813-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
#opt dispatch 1
Excel.Application xlApp._create
xlApp.Visible = -1

#opt hidedecl 1
class HiddenClass -m_x -m_y
int+ g_hiddenVariable
#opt hidedecl 0