Menu: Edit

To show this menu, you can use the menu bar or right click macro text. Some Edit menu commands are described in the Toolbar topic. Some other menu items:


Copy for QM Forum - copy code to use in the QM forum. The format is not supported by other forums.


Copy BBCode - copy code to use in forums that support BBCode. Also can be used in the QM forum, but the above command is preferred.


Copy HTML - copy HTML.


HTML options - options for the HTML copy command. Check 'Without CSS' if you are using common CSS.


Copy CSS - copy CSS to be uses as common CSS. QM creates it using settings in Options -> Editor. You can place it in a style sheet file, or in the same html file surrounded by <style> and </style>.


Copy escaped - copy text. Replace tabs and spaces at beginning of lines to commas and semicolons. Tabs and spaces would disappear if used in web pages or email messages.


List Members - show a list of functions, variables, other identifiers.


Context Help - show help for the function or other identifier from the text cursor.


Go to Definition - show the place where the function or other identifier by the text cursor was declared. If it is not declared, QM tries to find and show it in a reference file.


Hide selected - create collapsed region from the selected text. It inserts #region/#endregion lines at the beginning and end. This menu command also is in the right-click menu of the regions bar. QM makes the bar visible when displaying a #region line first time.


Indentation - draw vertical dotted lines (indentation guides) between indentation tab characters. It makes easier to see where big tab-indented code blocks begin an end.


Multiple selections - allow to make multiple selections. To make additional selections, select text with Ctrl (click or drag in text or selection bar). When you copy text to the clipboard, all selections are copied. When you type or paste text, the text goes to all selections.


Active Items (submenu) - commands to work with recently used QM items. Other ways to show this menu: 1. Toolbar button. 2. Right click an item in the Open Items list.


View Active Items - show/hide the Open Items and Running Items lists. You can read about the lists here.


See also: toolbar buttons