Toolbars in QM window

New macro - create new macro. Use the drop-down menu to create new QM item of other type and use templates.


Properties - show the Properties dialog, where you can set trigger and other properties of current item.


Trigger - encoded trigger of current item. You can set trigger in the Properties dialog or directly in this field.


Save now - save/apply changed text now. Changes also are saved/applied automatically: when you hide or exit QM, when you open another item or file, when a macro starts, etc.


Run - compile and execute current item.


Compile - check for errors and prepare to run. Read more.


Active items menu - a drop-down menu that contains commands to work with recently used QM items.


Images in code editor - display image resources and files in the code editor below lines containing an image resource name or image file path enclosed in ". Displayed are recorded screenshots, images used with scan, and other images.


Annotations - display annotations in the code editor. Annotations show some info about the used functions etc. This info also is in the status bar. Annotations are temporary, are applied for each document separately, and disappear when you edit text.


Find help, functions, tools - quickly find help, functions and tools. Read more.


Record - minimize QM and start recording. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R.


Find - open the Find dialog.


My Macros - show the My Macros window. View all triggers in single list. Filter, sort, edit, run (use right-click menu). Other way to show this window - hotkey defined in Options (default Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M). When using the hotkey, it behaves slightly differently, and you can use this mode to view triggers that work with currently active program.


Tags - show the Tags dialog.

A tag is a word or phrase that can be assigned to a QM item and later used to find QM items that have the tag. A QM item can have multiple tags. A tag can be assigned to multiple QM items.


In the dialog you can edit tags and assign them to QM items. In the right side - QM items that have the selected tag. To assign a tag to current QM item, check the tag or create new tag and check. To remove a tag from current QM item, uncheck or delete the tag. When you delete or rename a tag, the tag is deleted/renamed for all QM items that have it. Unassigned tags are removed. Tags of all currently loaded QM items (including shared and read-only) are saved in current main QM file.


Tags added in QM 2.4.0, replacing Bookmarks. Existing bookmarks converted to tags.


Resources - show the Resources dialog.


Icons - open the Icons dialog, where you can find or create icons for menus and toolbars.


Dialog Editor - open Dialog Editor. If current macro contains a dialog definition, opens it, else creates new.


Options - show the Options dialog.


Output, Find, Tips - see here.