Network setup

Quick Macros must be installed on each computer where it will be used, unless you use portable QM.

Sharing and deploying QM files


If you want to use same QM file (thereafter file F) on multiple computers or user accounts simultaneously:


When QM setup program runs, if it finds file Main.qml in its folder, it installs the file as default main file for that computer user. You can use this feature to automate installing same modified main QM file on multiple computers. For example, will not need to add the shared file F on multiple computers; you can do it on single computer, if the path will be valid on all computers.


The "Load local read-only copy" feature also is useful in cases when the network file F is unavailable when QM starts. Then QM loads previously used local copy of the file.

Deploying QM registry settings

QM saves most its settings in registry for each user. To export to file qmreg5.reg, click Options -> General -> Export settings.


When QM setup program runs, if finds file qmreg5.reg in its folder, installs the file in QM folder. Then, when QM runs first time on a user account on that computer, it imports QM settings from qmreg5.reg to the registry of that user. It then places "reg loaded"=1 value in the "HKCU\Software\GinDi\QM2\settings" registry key to prevent importing again. Note: This requires administrator privileges; On Windows Vista/7/8/10, a consent dialog may be shown.


QM 2.4.0. Custom toolbar position/style settings now are saved in main file, not in registry.


Note: The exported reg file includes the path of the current main QM file. You may have to open the reg file in Notepad and edit QM file path ("file"), as well as other file paths, if they are different on other computers. In file paths, you can use special folder strings, for example $qm$ (QM program folder) and $my qm$ (My Documents\My QM). Usually don't need editing because QM saves paths with special folder strings.

Deploying a macro

To send a macro to other computer, use function NetSendMacro. To execute - function net.


Read more in net topic.


Enter QM registration code (when available) on each computer. You must have a license for as many computers as actually use QM (unless only you use QM on several your computers). On multi-user computers, if you are logged on as an administrator, this automatically registers QM for all user accounts. You don't have to purchase multiple licenses for a multi-user computer.


To upgrade QM, install new QM version on each computer. It is free, don't need a new license.


There is a sample macro that automates upgrading QM. To use the macro, QM on each computer must be running and configured to run macros from other computers.


See also: setup command line parameters, license.