Extensions, dll, categories

In QM you can use several kinds of functions:


All QM functions and some API/COM functions are added to categories:


mouse Mouse functions.
keytext Keys, text, clipboard. Added in QM 2.3.2.

Message box, other dialogs, popup menu.

file Run, files, folders, database, XML, CSV.

Windows, controls.

control Controls, other UI objects, menu, Excel, find image.
time Wait, date/time.
internet Internet functions.
string String functions and operators.

Math and some related functions.

multimedia Sound.
qm QM items, threads, misc info, etc.

Various system functions: registry, shutdown, tray icon, processes, environment variables, etc.

sysinfo Get/set system settings and info: version, display, user, etc.
script Other languages that can be used in QM: VBScript, C, C#, etc.
flow Flow control: if, repeat, select, etc.
_debug Debug, errors, optimize, log. Added in QM 2.3.2.
_operator Operators. Added in QM 2.3.2.

Several subcategories. All added in QM 2.3.2.

__declaration Declaration of functions, types, etc.
__directive Compiler directives.
__programming_misc Misc. QM functions for programming.
__qm_dll All dll functions and COM interfaces exported by qm.
__in_dlgproc Functions that can be used in dialog procedures.
__variable_examples Examples of declaring and initializing variables.
__array_examples Examples of working with arrays.
__rt_option Run-time options.


To get help for a function, click its name in code editor and press F1. Also look in status bar.