What's new in versions 2.1.0 - 2.3.6

QM 2.3.6 (August 26, 2013)


Exact version:


Main new features

  1. Supports DPI-scaled windows.
  2. Bug fixes.

All new features

  1. Supports DPI-scaled windows.
  2. New functions:
  3. New in:
  4. Bug fixes:
  5. What can be incompatible with previous versions:

QM 2.3.5 (July 21, 2013)


Exact version:


Main new features

  1. Can run as portable app.
  2. Can compile and execute C# and VB.NET code.
  3. Several new functions. Improvements in some functions and other features.
  4. Bug fixes.

All new features

  1. Can be installed in a USB drive and run as portable app.
  2. Class CsScript, functions CsExec, CsFunc, VbExec, VbFunc. Compiles and executes C# or VB.NET code.
  3. Other new functions and classes:
  4. New in:
  5. Autotext (TS menu): Supports items that begin with a delimiter character.
  6. Shell menu triggers: Improvements and optimizations.
  7. File saving and backup: Improvements and optimizations.
  8. Recording: Now also records mouse wheel and X1/X2 buttons.
  9. Unlock computer: can run a program.
  10. Some changes in VARIANT and ARRAY.
    • Fixed bugs and removed some limitations in assignment VARIANT=ARRAY.
    • Converts array type in assignments ARRAY(BSTR)=ARRAY(str), VARIANT=ARRAY(str) and vice versa.
    • VARIANT better supports long (64-bit integer) type. Added member llVal etc. In assignment VARIANT=long, stores the value as VT_I8 (previously VT_DECIMAL). And more.
    • In assignment VARIANT=&Function, stores the value as VT_I4 (previously VT_I4|VT_BYREF).
  11. Multiline strings in the code editor: String color. F-string variables also colored correctly.
  12. Some more tooltips and polishing in Options, Find and other dialogs.
  13. Bug fixes:
  14. What can be incompatible with previous versions:

QM 2.3.4 (February 2, 2013)


Exact version:


Main new features

  1. Window text capturing.
  2. Improvements in many functions and other features.
  3. Bug fixes.

All new features

  1. WindowText class. Captures window text, clicks an item, etc. Look in floating toolbar -> Windows, controls.
  2. New functions:
  3. New in:
  4. It is possible to use COM components without registration.
  5. Optimizations, changes, etc:
  6. Bug fixes:
  7. What can be incompatible with previous versions:

Below are some changes since QM Also included above.



  1. run: added flag to run 64-bit system programs.
  2. Macros that run in separate process now by default use a small .qmm file instead of .exe file.
  3. Supports png images in dialogs etc.
  4. QM enables Chrome accessible objects.
  5. QM fixed QM bug: QM always runs in Unicode mode, even if you uncheck it.
  6. QM fixed some small bugs.

QM 2.3.3 (March 10, 2012)

Exact version:


Main new features

  1. New UI object (Acc etc) functions. Other new or improved functions.
  2. New or improved information features: annotations, errors, function info/help, coloring, key comments.
  3. New autotext list (TS menu) features.
  4. Bug fixes.

All new features

  1. New in UI objects:
  2. New functions and classes:
  3. New options and improvements in:
  4. New in run-time errors:
  5. New in function help and tags:
  6. New in status bar:
  7. New in code editor:
  8. New in autotext lists (TS menus):
  9. New in recording:
  10. New in tool dialogs:
  11. Updated documentation of many functions.
  12. Can show annotations with short function descriptions. Menu -> Help -> Annotations.
  13. Added type declaration character ` for VARIANT.
  14. New triggers: QM events -> QM show, QM hide, Recording ended.
  15. Hybrid paste.
  16. More templates in menu -> File -> New -> Templates.
  17. New in toolbar right-click menu: Hide if Fullscreen Window. Super On-Top (replaces the "Toolbars: on-top" checkbox in Options that previously would be applied to all free toolbars).
  18. By default hides private Running items, eg QM extensions (System). To unhide, right click a folder or empty space.
  19. Optimizations.
  20. Bug fixes:
  21. What can be incompatible with previous versions:

Below are some changes since QM Also included above.


QM - 7

  1. New ExcelSheet functions/options.
  2. New functions: str.LimitLen, str.GetClipboardHTML, Acc.GetChildObjects, MakeExeCloseRunning, EndThread.
  3. Autotext list (TS menu) option /m (confirm).
  4. Hybrid paste.
  5. Added keyword paste, as alias for outp.
  6. IStringMap: AddList and GetList support CSV.
  7. StrCompareEx, ICsv.Sort, DlgGrid.Sort and ARRAY.sort: flag to sort as date.
  8. HtmlDoc: with SetOptions flags 1 or 2, may work slightly differently than in earlier QM 2.3.3 versions. Please test your code.
  9. More templates in menu -> File -> New -> Templates.
  10. By default hides private Running items, eg QM extensions (System). To unhide, right click a folder or empty space.
  11. More options in string functions that use delimiter characters.
  12. New in toolbar right-click menu: Hide if Fullscreen Window. Super On-Top (replaces the "Toolbars: on-top" checkbox in Options that previously would be applied to all free toolbars).
  13. Some bugs fixed. QM 2.3.3 bugs: 1. Incorrect selection bar color. 2. str.gett works only with ASCII string. 3. Bad autotext synchronization in some cases. 4. HtmlDoc.SetOptions(2) does not work in exe. 5. Triggers don't work in some windows after restarting QM. 6. And more.

QM 2.3.2 (August 4, 2010)

Exact version:

  1. Variables in strings.
  2. New functions and classes. Many previously available in the forum.
  3. More options in:
  4. Enhancements in information features:
  5. Various enhancements:
  6. New tools:
  7. Bug fixes:
  8. What can be incompatible with previous versions:

QM 2.3.1 (September 5, 2009)

Exact version:

  1. Many internal code changes and optimizations.
  2. Some new debug features - variables, call stack, and more.
  3. New functions and classes: str.timeformat, OutWinMsg, Statement, PsCmd, PsFile, str.ConvertEncoding, __ProcessMemory.
  4. More options in: deb, tok, str.dospath, Htm.CbSelect.
  5. Works better: acc (with WPF windows), GetListViewItemText.
  6. Fast encrypting/decrypting multiple QM items.
  7. F1 and F2 in the help search field work in a similar way as in the code editor.
  8. Output history.
  9. Added reference file WINAPI7 with Windows 7 declarations. Also updated WINAPI2 in the forum.
  10. Bug fixes.

QM 2.3.0 (April 29, 2009)

Exact version:


Summary: Supports Unicode. Does not run on Windows 98/Me. Improved code editor. Changes in QM user interface. A faster way to find help and tools. Updated WINAPI, added Vista declarations. New functions. XML and CSV functions. Can open external text files. Custom icons of QM items. Shell menu triggers. Bookmarks and saved searches. Printing. QM Pro not needed for exe.


Warning: In this version there are changes that may break some of your existing macros. Read about possible compatibility problems here.


  1. Supports Unicode.
  2. Does not run on Windows 98/Me. The last QM version that supports these OS - QM 2.2.1 - is here.
  3. Improved code editor. Some related info is here and here. You can change colors and fonts in Options -> Editor.
  4. Open Items and Running Items lists. To show, check View Active Items in Edit or Run menu.
  5. Find help, functions, tools. Previously it was available in the forum. If you have downloaded it, delete "QM quick help search" folder from the list of macros.
  6. Custom icons of QM items.
  7. More options in Icons dialog.
  8. Imagelist editor.
  9. Shell menu triggers. Previously available in the forum. If you have it, delete 'Shell menu triggers' folder.
  10. Bookmarks and saved searches.
  11. Other changes in QM user interface: docked Find dialog, changes in menus and toolbars, changed some control ids, changed some colors, icons, added Back and Forward buttons.
  12. Updated WINAPI reference file. Added W function versions. Added wininet functions, and removed inet typelib. Removed some rarely used functions: cryptography, XML, some other. Added WINAPIV reference file containing Vista declarations.
  13. New functions and interfaces: ICsv, IXml, IXmlNode, empty, SetEnvVar, GetEnvVar, SetCurDir (replaces ChDir), GetCurDir (replaces CurDir), CB_Add, LB_Add, str.Swap, WaitForThreads, GetIpAddress, ScreenColors, WinA (find window containing acc. object), Drag, outb (display binary data), RunConsole2, FileCopy, FileMove, FileRename, FileDelete, CloseWindowsOf, MsgBoxAsync, __ImageList, __Hicon, StrCompare, StrCompareN, MemCompare, GetUserInfo (user/computer name), GetFullPath (from relative), GetQmCodeEditor, InsertStatement, and more.
  14. New predefined variables: _unicode.
  15. New operators: @ (converts string to Unicode UTF-16).
  16. More options in: str.unicode, str.ansi, findrx (flag 32), str.replacerx (flag32), rget, rset, str.escape, interface (optional parameters; comments; multiple function calls in single statement), type (comments), out (colors, links), len (supports BSTR, VARIANT, word*), newitem (temporary), lef/rig/mid/dou (return), opt/getopt (hungwindow), zip (no compression), GetFileIcon (cursor, custom size), RegWinClass, MainWindow, MessageLoop, OpenSaveDialog (hwndowner), OnScreenDisplay (picture).
  17. Added QM item type - file link. Added related options to qmitem, str.getmacro, newitem and in other places.
  18. Added QM item property - temporary.
  19. New triggers: QM events -> File link run, End thread.
  20. Special folders more reliable. Several new special folder names and aliases.
  21. Exe: Any files can be added to resources using syntax ":resourceid filepath". For example, you can use jpg and gif images in exe dialogs. Previously it worked only with bmp and ico files and only with some functions. Now it works with most functions that load a file, including str.getfile. Also now can add cursor resources.
  22. Toolbars: If you drag and drop a file onto a program icon, you can choose to open the file in that program.
  23. Name completion. Partially type an identifier (function, etc) and press Ctrl+Space or use menu Edit -> Members.
  24. Indented multiline strings.
  25. Works better: Loading files and HTML into a web browser control. Some optimizations in win, child, acc and htm. Ftp and Http functions don't show error descriptions in QM output; added Ftp/Http member variable lasterror, which will contain error description if a function failed (returned 0). Toolbars show nondistorted icons of sizes other than 16/32, if icons of that size are available.
  26. Printing. Menu File -> More -> Print.
  27. You can change backup folder path in Options -> Files.
  28. New menu option: /multicolumn.
  29. Changed behavior of "record window command" hotkey. Now shows popup menu with several choices. Removed "record mouse command" hotkey.
  30. Exe: QM Pro license now is not needed. Currently there are no other features that would require Pro license.
  31. Tested and runs well on Windows 7 beta. Works well with Internet Explorer 8.
  32. Can check for new QM version (Options -> General).
  33. Bug fixes.


Compatibility with previous Quick Macros versions

  1. Unicode. If QM is running in ANSI mode, you will not have compatibility problems. It is running in ANSI mode if you upgraded QM from an older version. It is running in Unicode mode if you did not use QM before, or uninstalled it before installing new version. You can switch mode in Options. It is recommended to use Unicode. After switching to Unicode mode, you should convert your old macros that contain international characters. The Convert button helps you to do it. Read more.
  2. This QM version does not run on Windows 98/Me. Exe files created with it too.
  3. QM user interface. Changed some control types, ids, positions, etc. If you have macros that interact with them, they may stop working. Changed code editor control type. Read more here.
  4. Added some QM extensions that previously were available in the forum. You should delete downloaded extensions. While not deleted, QM shows warnings.
  5. QM item icons. Everything will work but some icons in menus, toolbars and dialogs will be different than before. Read more.
  6. Updated WINAPI reference file. Removed some rarely used declarations.
  7. New functions. If you have functions with same names, rename them. On name conflicts QM shows warnings or errors in output.
  8. Changed behavior of some functions in some specific cases. With rget, rset, slightly changed behavior when a data type is explicitly specified. With str.escape, flag 2 now is ignored. With out, if text begins with <>, it is interpreted as containing formatting tags (colors, links, etc), and found tags are removed.
  9. win, child, acc, htm. Changed search order. Now at first retrieves visible windows/controls, then hidden. win and child may find another control if matchindex is specified. Retrieved arrays of handles also may be ordered differently. This may happen only if some of matching windows or controls are hidden. Use window/control finder dialogs to fix the code.
  10. Now uses different way to get paths of special folders. Normally this should not change anything, but if previously some paths were incorrect or could not be retrieved, now they will be correct.

QM 2.2.1 (January 1, 2008)

Exact version:


Summary: Many bug fixes. New functions, new options in existing functions. Better reliability of keyboard and clipboard commands.

  1. Fixed 2.2.0 version bug: QM does not run on Windows XP without SP. QM-created exe files too.
  2. Fixed 2.2.0 version bug: If using a locale where , is decimal separator, QM may start to improperly interpret numbers containing . . In exe too.
  3. Fixed 2.2.0 version bug: On some Vista computers, scheduled tasks are not updated after editing.
  4. Fixed 2.2.0 version bug: VbsExec and other VBScript functions don't work.
  5. Fixed bug: On computers where hardware Data Execution Prevention is enabled for all programs, don't work dialogs and other code that uses callback functions.
  6. Fixed mac and DynamicMenu bugs with synchronous menus: Returns 0 if first line item selected. Does not wait if a menu is already shown.
  7. Fixed bug: dll functions with double parameters give exception if passed certain expressions.
  8. Fixed bugs in wait K/M in exe: On Windows 98 may not work. On Vista may not work first time in thread.
  9. Fixed bugs in: def (strings cannot have ; characters), clo (some windows crash), toolbars (sometimes are activated wrong windows), OnScreenRect (Vista may hang if the rectangle is large, eg 10000x10000), mouse triggers (incorrect hit test codes), ifk (on Vista sometimes does not work), wait K/M (the same as with ifk).
  10. Improved synchronization of key and clipboard functions. Better reliability, especially in stress conditions (low memory, busy CPU, etc).
  11. New options used with opt (keysync) and getopt (slowkeys, slowmouse, keymark, keysync).
  12. Better wait precision (2 ms).
  13. Make exe: Can compress.
  14. Dll functions: 1. Supports optional parameters. 2. Supports ... for variable number of parameters.
  15. Added easier way to add ARRAY elements.
  16. New functions: str.stem, str.getstruct, str.setstruct, ARRAY.sort, shuffle.
  17. New user-defined functions and classes: OsdHide (hide on-screen display), GetVirtualScreen (rectangle that contains all monitors), ChooseIconDialog, Htm.ClickAsync, str.RandomString, str.Guid, str.ReplaceInvalidFilenameCharacters, str.GetFilenameExt, str.FilenameWithDate, GetFilesInFolder, GetDrive, GetDrives, TagWindow, FindTaggedWindow, IsFunctionRunning, MouseButtonX, CenterWindow, EnsureWindowInScreen, XyMonitorToNormal, XyNormalToMonitor, MoveWindowToMonitor, FirstWindowInMonitor, SetWindowState, HtmlDoc class (HTML parsing), several new functions and classes in System\Functions\Programming. Some of these functions previously were available in the forum. You may have to delete duplicates.
  18. New dll functions exported by QM: GetProcessExename, RealGetNextWindow, MonitorFromIndex, MonitorIndex, AdjustWindowPos, RealGetKeyState, Round, RandomNumber, RandomInt.
  19. Added predefined variable _monitor that controls where various dialogs are displayed. Some functions modified to support it.
  20. More options in: StartProcess (window state), GetWorkArea (flags, monitor), OnScreenDisplay (flag 8 - hide when macro ends, flag 16 - raw x y, flag 32 - place by the mouse, supports _monitor), ShowDialog (flag 64 - raw x y, supports _monitor), SetWinStyle (flag 16 - update client), wait S (can be used handle, can wait until something changes in the window or rectangle), toolbars (3D buttons), key (can return virtual-key codes), IntGetFile/Http.GetUrl/Http.FileGet (reponseheaders), Http.PostFormData/Http.Post (inetflags, reponseheaders), RegisterComComponent (can register 64-bit dlls, flag 8), DT_GetControls, DT_SetControls, win (can get all matching windows), child (the same), list (owner window), inp (owner window), inpp (owner window).
  21. New categories: sysinfo, multimedia.
  22. Email functions: 1. Support secure connection (SSL). To use secure connection, check the checkbox in Outlook Express Accounts or QM Email Settings. 2. Account settings can be specified in code.
  23. Changed ShowDialog position algorithm (differently depends on monitor, styles, hwndowner, etc).
  24. Slightly changed behavior of: win (prefers visible windows), child (does not prefer visible windows if matchindex is nonzero), _create.
  25. Works better: ifk on Vista, scan with icons.
  26. Log loaded dlls and type libraries.
  27. The Find dialog supports AND and OR.
  28. Changed double to string conversion (str operator = and other operators). Now the string never has decimal point at the end. The string can have more digits (better precision). The exponent sign is uppercase. The exponent does not include 0 at the beginning. If previously the string could look like 1.e+016, now it looks like 1E+16.
  29. Toolbars: /bsiz works with all styles, and added minwidth.
  30. Other bug fixes and optimizations.

QM 2.2.0 (June 25, 2007)

Exact version


Summary: Runs well on Windows Vista. New winapiqm.txt. Macros can run in separate process. New functions, enhancements and new options in existing functions and other features.

  1. QM now is compatible with Windows Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Read about it here. Also you may want to read about creating exe files for Vista.
  2. Updated winapiqm.txt reference file (WINAPI). Also, in the QM forum you can find and download another reference file that contains more declarations.
  3. Enhancements related to reference files: 1. Not error to explicitly declare something that is implicitly declared using a reference file. 2. Removed "optional" settings from Options (now everything from WINAPI is always available). 3. Reduced memory usage. 4. Can include other files. 5. Can log extracted declarations.
  4. Enhancements related to user-defined types: 1. Anonymous types within types. 2. Base type without member name.
  5. Enhancements related to keyboard and mouse triggers: 1. Can be used low level hooks (optionally), which make triggers more reliable and allow to use system hot keys. 2. A trigger key can be pressed repeatedly without releasing modifier keys.
  6. New functions: interface IStringMap, RunConsole, lock, str.dospath, str.addline, ReceiveMail, #exe addfile, ExeExtractFile, ExeGetResourceData, variable _win64.
  7. More options in: Dir.GetSize (can get folder size), str.findreplace (replace null char), mes (Vista shield icon), opt keymark, rset (delete key if empty), web, wait (multiple handles), shutdown (thread handle/id), str.expandpath (unexpand), EnumQmThreads (thread name), OnScreenDisplay (wrap), newitem (encrypted), run (run as admin), _getactive (ROT moniker), toolbar hook (WM_INITDIALOG), Dir.FileName (DOS format), ShutDownProcess, EnumProcessesEx, win (matchindex, exename), child (matchindex), acc (matchindex).
  8. Small changes in: rget (ini files), wait x H (returns -1 on error), Speak (changed implementation; some changes in behavior with flag 2), wintest (class is not required for hidden windows).
  9. Several new dll functions exported by qm.exe.
  10. Macro and function properties: "Run in separate process", "Run As".
  11. Popup menus: Expandable file folders, bitmaps and more.
  12. Special folders: 1. Can be used CSIDL constants. 2. Environment variables are expanded recursively.
  13. Better supports ActiveX controls. In the Type Libraries dialog added Controls view.
  14. Make exe: 1. Can be specified custom manifest file. 2. The macro can be in a folder or not. 3. Adding files to exe (see #exe addfile, ExeExtractFile, ExeGetResourceData).
  15. For compatibility with Windows Vista and some programs, key and clipboard commands now use different synchronization methods than in previous versions. In most cases, these commands will work as well as previously, but some macros may require some corrections (wait, err). Also, after copy/paste commands, the clipboard contents now is restored immediately.
  16. Pasting (outp and str.setsel) now works in console windows too.
  17. These features are no longer supported in exe: wait x KF (wait for key-down and eat), share (shared memory). They can be used only in QM. In exe they would cost too much, especially on Windows Vista and 64-bit.
  18. These features are now supported in exe: shutdown -1 (exit exe), Exit (exit exe). Fixed shutdown -7 bug.
  19. In exe, all text and function names now are encrypted.
  20. Now maximal text length is 4 MB for menus, toolbars and TS menus. For other items it remains 32 KB.
  21. A global hotkey to show Threads dialog can be specified in Options.
  22. Menu Edit -> Wrap Lines.
  23. Options -> Files -> Always Add These Shared Files.
  24. Toolbars: 1. Some changes in hook functions (WM_INITDIALOG, etc). 2. New toolbar options /glass, /font, 1-pixel border. 3. Setting text color does not disable visual styles. 4. If you use GetWindow or other Windows API function to get toolbar owner window, you should change it to GetToolbarOwner, because GetWindow will return incorrect result.
  25. File triggers: DOS filenames are no longer returned for Added and Modified events. You should modify Include/Exclude fields that contain DOS filenames.
  26. Other enhancements and bug fixes.

QM 2.1.9 beta (September 29, 2006)

Exact version


Summary: Can create exe files from macros. Several new functions and new options in existing functions. Different dialog procedure.

  1. Make exe. Can create standalone programs from macros and functions.
  2. New directives: #out, #warning, #error, #exe. More options in #opt (nowarnings).
  3. New functions: Http.PostFormData.
  4. New predefined variables and constants.
  5. More options in: ShowDialog (icon, menu, hotkeys, resources), dll (delay-loading), out (clear), scan (handle, resource), LogFile, IntGetFile (callback function), Http.FileGet (callback function), Http.GetUrl (callback function), Curtain (returns window handle), dir and Dir.dir (finds drives).
  6. Several new dll functions exported by qm.exe.
  7. In dialog procedure now it is not necessary to call DT_Init and other DT_x functions.
  8. File triggers more reliable. Fixed bug with network folders.
  9. Changed End-macro hotkey behavior.
  10. Other enhancements and bug fixes.

QM 2.1.8 (June 15, 2006)

Exact version

  1. New trigger type - QM events. Special items now are included as QM events triggers, and removed from Options.
  2. New trigger type - file. For Windows 2000/XP and later.
  3. New trigger type - event log. For Windows 2000/XP and later.
  4. New trigger type - process. For Windows 2000/XP and later.
  5. New trigger type - accessible object.
  6. User-defined triggers now can be added to the Properties dialog.
  7. Better integration with the Task Scheduler.
  8. Added option to unlock computer to run the macro in normal conditions.
  9. All trigger settings now are included in the trigger string.
  10. All toolbar options now can be set in Properties. Added new toolbar options to set background picture and transparency.
  11. New option for functions: Allow single instance.
  12. New functions: Speak, SpeekStop, OnScreenDisplay, RunTextAsFunction2, Curtain, SetFileTimes, GetClipboardFiles, VbsExec2, AutoPassword, RunAs, Acc.ObjectFromEvent, ExcelSheet.Save, Database class, several new dll functions exported by qm.exe.
  13. More options in: IntPost, Http.Post, MouseWheel, ExcelSheet.Init, FE_ExcelRow, BrowseForFolder, RegWinClass, ShowDialog (x, y), ShutDownProcess, str.encrypt, str.decrypt.
  14. Works better: wait for web page (web, wait). Previously, with some multiframe pages, did not wait for all frames.
  15. Works better: _error. Now it is properly populated in functions registered by atend.
  16. Works better: calling nondeclared COM functions. This also makes working with WMI easier.
  17. Works better: now dialogs with DS_SETFOREGROUND style are really activated, regardless of system settings and other conditions.
  18. Works better: _setevents.
  19. New dialogs: Get file info, Enter password.
  20. Dialogs, toolbars, str.setclip and str.setsel now support image files of bmp, jpg and gif type.
  21. In menus can be used icon handles.
  22. Timer functions (tim) now run in new thread each time.
  23. Redesigned Properties and Options dialogs.
  24. The command line parameter E now always causes to exit QM, even if an error occurs.
  25. Now passwords that are passed to functions can be encrypted. All QM functions that accept password now support encrypted passwords.
  26. New help topic about user-defined functions.
  27. Other enhancements and bug fixes.

QM 2.1.7 (Jun 14, 2005)

  1. Integrated help: Tips for beginners, and function help on F1. Reassigned F1 and F2 hotkeys, and unassigned F3.
  2. New functions and classes: scan (find image on screen), perf (get time in microseconds), matchw (compare strings using wildcard characters), class Htm (wraps html element functions; it also includes mouse actions and enhanced selecting of combo box items), class ExcelSheet (get/set cell values), functions FE_ExcelRow (get cell values), GetAttr, SetAttr (file attributes), and several other.
  3. Several qm internal functions now also are exported as dll functions.
  4. More options in: wait (wait for image on screen), opt (slowmouse, slowkeys), ref (declare identifiers on demand but always see them in the main popup list), web (get window handle, use *), sel (use *), ShowText (rich text).
  5. Work better: wait for CPU on Windows 20000/XP and later (eliminated first-time delay and high memory consumption).
  6. Toolbars: menu -> Quick Icons. Other performance enhancements. Toolbar option /bsiz (max button size).
  7. QM runs in safe mode if F8 is pressed when starting.
  8. You can change My QM folder path. It is where your default macro list file and various other files used in QM are stored.
  9. Command line: you can specify some other character to use instead of ".
  10. Wildcard characters: functions and triggers, where * can be used, now also support ?.
  11. Dialogs: now you can use graphical ActiveX controls, including the web browser control.
  12. COM event functions: simpler access to the event-source object.
  13. New help topic about using COM components.
  14. Thread variables: no more "invalid pointer" errors, because the declaration statement now may be skipped during the run time. If there is a constructor, now it runs at the beginning, not where the variable is declared.
  15. Type libraries: now are supported names containing invalid characters.
  16. Various small enhancements and bug fixes.

QM 2.1.6 (Mar 17, 2005)

  1. Quick Start topic.
  2. New commands: deb (set debug mode), net (run macro on other computer).
  3. Easier network setup.
  4. Command line parameter N (wait for a network file).
  5. Improved menu recording. Toolbar menu item Record Menus.
  6. Toolbar option /lock.

QM 2.1.5 (Feb 2, 2005)

  1. New functions: htm (replaces HtmlFind), web (open web page; replaces IeNavigate), more Internet functions (connect, disconnect, get/set offline mode, download, http post, functions and classes for sending and retrieving email), mkdir (replaces MkDir), inpp (replaces Password), zip (compress/extract files), ref (add reference file), ARRAY.remove, ShellDialog (Run, Shut Down and other dialogs), Play (play audio files) and several other user-defined functions.
  2. More options in: wait (wait for color, cursor, web page, and more), str.escape (urlencode), str.encrypt/decrypt (various algorithms), findrx (get n-th submatch), acc (wait), typelib (load on demand), foreach (without VARIANT), call (function name as string), shutdown (softly end current thread), qmitem (datemod), str.expandpath (env. var.), Tray functions, Ftp.Cmd ("write" commands), ChDir (autorestore), toolbars (all virtual desktops).
  3. Work better: act (activate next window), ArrangeWindows 0 (show desktop), ShowText (removed 64 KB limitation), rget (supports REG_EXPAND_SZ), new Internet functions.
  4. The following commands can also be used as functions (variable=function(...)): min, max, res, hid, men, dis, spe, opt.
  5. Type-info: declared several useful type libraries - Wsh (Windows Script Host), Shell32, Services, etc, and reference file WINAPI containing Windows declarations (type WINAPI. and select from list).
  6. Embedding multiline strings without escaping.
  7. Menus, toolbars, TS menus: can be used escape sequences.
  8. You can selectively disable key, mouse, window and command line triggers.
  9. Disabled items don't run from command line triggers (shortcut, scheduler, etc). Also, special items now also don't run if file is disabled.
  10. Menu Edit -> Copy BBCode. Copies colored code for the QM forum.
  11. File viewer. Makes importing and undeleting easier and safer.
  12. Spam filter. Checks email and deletes spam.
  13. QM extensions now are better protected from initialization failures. In Options, added 'Extensions: always use' checkbox and 'Check extensions' button. The System folder now is read-only.
  14. Items in read-only folders cannot be modified in any way. Previously, read-only was only text. The 'Properties' dialog now is always accessible (even if macro is encrypted), but properties cannot be changed if macro is in read-only folder.
  15. Now, variables can be used in all fields of dialogs from the floating toolbar. Instead of using 'Variable' checkbox, enclose variables into parentheses. This is necessary only for string fields, and must not be used where there is 'Variable' checkbox.
  16. More dialogs, more options in existing dialogs.
  17. New command-line parameter MS allows you to execute functions synchronously.
  18. When exporting, you can set allowed file-open methods (open, import, use as shared file).
  19. New setup program.
  20. QM now works better on computers with multiple user accounts. QM now is installed for all user accounts. The default place where QM now saves various files is the My QM folder in My Documents (previously - QM folder), that is, separate files for each user. Some files are moved from QM folder to My QM folder.
  21. My Macros window. View all triggers in one list.
  22. Menu File -> Sort.
  23. Windows XP visual styles (themes) applied. Possible problems
    In user-defined dialogs (created in QM Dialog Editor), lines become invisible. To make them visible, replace them with Static controls with SS_ETCHEDHORZ or SS_ETCHEDVERT style. To do it quickly, use Find dialog. Check Regexp. In first edit field enter ^( \d+ )Button 0x\d+7 0x\d+( .+ ""\r\n). In second edit field enter $1Static 0x54000010 0x20004$2 (for horizontal lines) or $1Static 0x54000011 0x20004$2 (for vertical lines). Replace all found lines in dialog definitions.


Note: after upgrading to 2.1.5 version, many settings are reset to defaults, like after installing first time.

QM 2.1.4 (Jun 27, 2004)

  1. Recording: improved reliability; can use variables.
  2. More options in act, opt, getopt and win.
  3. Changed behavior of end in callback function.
  4. Functions from System shared folder now have higher priority.
  5. Removed all triggers from the System folder.
  6. Toolbar startup options: better parsing; can be used functions.
  7. Better support for drag and drop in toolbars. You can drop QM items, Internet links, multiple files and virtual folders/objects.
  8. Fixed several bugs.

QM 2.1.3 (May 30, 2004)

  1. More dialogs, more options in existing dialogs.
  2. Added support for multiple monitors. This includes mouse commands, mouse triggers and toolbars.
  3. More options in key triggers (next key), mouse triggers (X buttons, window parts), window triggers and TS menus. Window trigger coding is changed. Window triggers now are more reliable.
  4. New commands and functions: foreach, str.setmacro and several new functions in System\Functions folder.
  5. More features in: sel-case, key, newitem, child, but, list, mes, run, rget rset, str.fix, ARRAY.redim, ArrangeWindows, Dialog Editor and toolbar options.
  6. In window triggers and all functions that search for window or other object by name (win, child, acc, HtmlFind), flag "Exact" is replaced with "Use *". Behavior is the same, unless string contains *, or if "Exact" was used together with "Regexp.".
  7. Regular expressions: $ now matches either newline, or carriage return and newline.
  8. Fixed several bugs.

QM 2.1.2 (Feb 24, 2004)

Main new features: now QM can recognize much more types of user interface objects, including html elements in web pages (e.g., links), and programmatically interact with them.

  1. Now you can work with accessible objects. Accessible objects are user interface objects contained in a window: controls, menus, links, list items, etc. New features include functions acc, acctest (find/test accessible object), Acc class (manipulate accessible object), "Find accessible object" and "Accessible object actions" dialogs.
  2. Now you can work with html elements in web page (links, buttons, text input fields, etc). New features include function HtmlFind (find html element), related functions, "Find html element" and "Html element actions" dialogs.
  3. New classes: Acc, Tray (add tray icon).
  4. More features in: interface, str.getsel, str.setsel, opt, err, spe, case, mac, newitem, Dialog Editor, toolbars, toolbar startup options.
  5. Now err and opt statements can handle exceptions.
  6. Now formatting functions don't produce "(null)" when string variable isn't initialized.
  7. Fixed bugs in: iif (when used as argument with some functions), qmitem, menu/toolbar icons, and several other.

QM 2.1.1 (Jan 03, 2004)

  1. Changed Help file format.
  2. Now you can copy QM text in HTML format.
  3. New classes: Dir (find and enumerate files, get file info).
  4. More features in Replace dialog (regexp menu, query saving), run (get exit code).
  5. Fixed bugs in: end (in callback), str.getclip (unknown format causes exception), deleting dublicate function (other function becomes unknown), GetFileInfo (wildcards), IeNavigate (hwnd=3).

QM 2.1.0 (Dec 17, 2003)

Main new features: COM support, classes, categories, safe arrays, thread variables, type-info popups (members, globals), regular expressions, trigger scope for folder, new and extended functions. Below is complete list.

  1. Now QM supports COM, OLE Automation variable types and type libraries.
  2. Better type info.
  3. New functions: str.replace, str.findreplace, str.expandpath, str.encrypt, str.decrypt, getopt, numlines, newitem, #err, ChDir, CurDir, RunTextAsMacro, RunFileAsMacro, IeNavigate, IeWait, functions to execute VBScript and JScript code, shutdown, findrx, str.replacerx, #set.
  4. More options in: dll, function, type, end, atend, run, cop, ren, del, mac, wait, tok, #opt, #if, #compile, str.time, str.from, val and TS menus.
  5. Deleted functions: float (now use FLOAT type).
  6. More strict type checking. Use operator +.
  7. Now user-defined and dll functions can have declared parameters and return values of any type. Parameters can be structures passed by value.
  8. Now menu/toolbar items of "statements" type are executed as functions therefore can run while macro is running.
  9. Safe arrays.
  10. COM events.
  11. A hotkey to end macro can be specified in Options.
  12. Folder and file properties: "Scope" (scope of triggers), "Application" (private functions, variables, etc.), "Read-only items", "Disabled items" and other.
  13. New variable scopes: thread variables (function-private and shared).
  14. New dialog: Navigate in Internet Explorer (open URL, Back, Stop, etc).
  15. Better error handling. See #err and _error.
  16. Regular expressions.
  17. New topic in Help: COM collections.
  18. Removed "Strict type checking" from Options (now always strict). Use operator +.
  19. Changed: now you always must use struct.member syntax to access first member of structure, unless structure has single member.
  20. State data of functions dir, findt, findl, str.gett and str.getl now has local scope (was thread scope). Each function stores it in separate local variable: _dir, _findt, _findl, _gett and _getl.
  21. Classes and categories.
  22. New classes: File, Ftp, Http, Dde.
  23. Functions and classes are collected into categories.
  24. Memory-allocation functions _new, _resize, _delete and _len.
  25. Mouse triggers: "Slow" option.
  26. Fixed bugs in tok, tim, findrx, str.replacerx, str.from, bee+, CB_SelectString functions, "import", "insert encrypted text" features and more.
  27. Fixed bugs in long numbers, break, err+.
  28. Other bug-fixes and enhancements.